Let’s get "netzfest" together!

Netzfest was sorely missed by us and the Berliners this year. Two years ago, re:publica began discussing the digital society’s most important issues with as many different interested parties as possible with a free digital festival open to anyone. We still would like to continue these discourses—together with you—in 2020.
This year, Netzfest will take place in September for the first time in digital and hybrid formats.

For Netzfest 2020, our team has developed health-compliant formats that will demonstrate how digital life concerns us all. The era of home office and closed schools particularly proved that it is not enough to consider digitisation as a technical phenomenon. The much-cited 'new normal' is also about digital culture, skills and education.

This year, Netzfest is once again aimed at the general public and thus at a diverse audience independent of age, educational background and origin. It is for people with basic digital knowledge and an interest in new socially relevant and technological developments.
Netzfest highlights the social, cultural and technical changes brought about by digitisation, addresses current topics and challenges and thus makes complex topics tangible for everyone.

The week of Netzfest

From 28 September to 2 October, 4pm-8pm daily, we will present a digital program with live-streamed short lectures, discussions, interviews and tutorials on netzfest.de, campus.re-publica.com and YouTube. Q&As with our speakers will take place in digital discussion rooms (called “Deep Dives”).
Netzfest provides viewers of all ages with digital media competence on topics such as "How do I get connected?", "How do I move about on the net?", "Are we all equal?" and "How do we preserve our future?” For the tutorials we are joined by our colleagues from TINCON, who deal with basic digital concepts in short video clips that are easy to understand for everyone.
Netzfest week will be rounded off with a workshop day on Friday when we invite you to Berlin Neukölln, to #rpCampus: Discuss the topics of the week with our speakers and partners and conclude Netzfest together with us with a cool drink and a burrito.

“Netz Werke”—An exhibition on life on the net

From 6 September to 4 October, 2020, we will be presenting the interactive exhibition "Netz Werke" at re:publica Campus in Berlin-Neukölln. Here nothing is as it seems. Cardboard boxes are rattling. A robotic arm holds a mirror in front of your face, a video camera sends silent messages, and a lot of things that at first seem analogue and motionless to you will open up another digital world instead.
In "Netz Werke" you will experience how the net impacts our everyday life—sometimes visible, sometimes invisible. You can fathom the interplay between reality and digitality, explore online worlds and dive into the beautiful, the engaged and also the unexpected life online. The doors to a Kinect and AI installation, Augmented Reality objects and much more will open Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 8pm. Please bring a face mask.

Netzfest 2020 at a glance

6 September to 4 October 2020: "Netz Werke”—An exhibition on life on the net

  • Location: Ziegrastraße 1, Berlin-Neukölln

28 September to 2 October 2020: Week of Netzfest

  • Opening hours: daily livestream on netzfest.de, campus.re-publica.com and YouTube, 6pm-8pm

On your mark, get set, go!

Before entering the exhibition you will be asked to check in using a web app (no download required) and check out again on leaving.
The event has been designed in accordance with all currently valid distance and hygiene regulations and we reserve the right to make changes according to the specifications of the Berlin Senate.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory on site.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Netzfest 2020 is being realised with the kind support of LOTTO Foundation Berlin and our partners.